Unidev is een softwarehuis met lange ervaring in het ontwikkelen van software. Zowel voor specifieke oplossingen als voor standaard oplossingen bent U bij ons aan het juiste adres. Wij hebben ook een standaardpakketten in het programma met name voor nieuwsredacties en retail hebben wij kant en klare oplossingen in huis.
Gateway Business-In Action, Business Only.
Positioning ourselves as a strictly business-to-business (B2B) premium brand, we offer impeccable service and support to professional businesses only. Thus, we concentrate all of our energy into providing you programs, products, solutions and support—entirely for you and your business.
Unidev meer dan 10 jaar ervaring met maatwerk projecten voor een groot aantal organisaties. Unidev is de oplossing voor al uw Clarion Maatwerk en/of Consultancy projecten. De Clarion projecten worden door ons veelalvoor een vaste prijs uitgevoerd.
Two Factor Authentication

Security that makes sense
At CRYPTOCard, we're all about making sure that if somebody logs into your network, it's a somebody you know and trust. After all what's the value of your security investment in firewalls, VPNs and such if they can be circumvented by a shared, stolen, hacked or recycled password? So whether you choose to protect your network against unauthorized logons by installing BlackShield ID in-house, opt instead for the "no infrastructure" simplicity of our CRYPTO-MAS managed authentication service, or use our AuthEngine developer SDK to embed strong authentication in your custom applications, we think you'll find our solutions are ahead of the pack with features that:
  • Reduce administration by automating provisioning tasks
  • Let you mix and match from the widest choice of token and tokenless solutions
  • Provide greater security policy control and flexibility
  • Optimize and simplify your user logon experience
  • Put real-time information and granular reporting at your fingertips
  • Demonstrate a superb return on investment
Finally, we believe that all businesses regardless of industry, size or technical resources should be able to protect their on-line assets and the people with whom they share an on-line relationship. Whether you're a small business, large corporation or a service provider, you'll find we've got your size in stock.
Fault Tolerant, Disaster Recovery and High Availability Solutions
Marathon Technologies provides fault tolerant, high availability and disaster recovery software to ensure application availability. Our customers rely on Marathon to prevent application downtime, eliminate data loss and reduce operational costs. As application availability experts, we offer affordable, reliable and easy to implement fault tolerant, disaster recovery and high availability software so you can run your business operations without interruption. Prijzen